Video-as-a-Service is
My Secret Weapon

Your marketing team multiplied overnight. We’ll take the weight off your shoulders, guide you in strategy,
and manage all the complexity of fast-paced, high-volume production.

Boost Performance &
Magnify Your Brand Image

More video content faster helps you:

  • Look dominant in the market.
  • Personalize content for personas and ABM.
  • Test, repurpose, and expand across channels – fast.

Upgrade Your Content
With Less Internal Effort

We take work off your plate by:

  • Learning your business and target market.
  • Working as an extension of your team.
  • Delivering fresh ideas and strategic guidance.

Put Dollars Back In Your Budget

We make budgeting a breeze with:

  • One subscription for all your video needs.
  • Flat rate pricing that’s easy to approve.
  • More video content, faster than you’ve seen.

We Do Video Differently

What you’ve suffered before

  •  Overpriced services with slow turnarounds
  • Annoying budget approvals for every SOW
  • High-effort projects with order takers that don’t help with strategy
  • Single deliverable and upcharges for every line item

Your new life with SparkPortal

  •  Quality content faster than you’ve ever seen
  • Partners with creative ideas and best practices
  • Experts that manage it all and keep you on track
  • Channel expansion, persona targeting, A/B testing, ABM support, etc.

Your To-Do List On Autopilot

We’re more than just order takers. We‘re YOUR experts. We bring creative ideas to the table, guide you on strategy, and work as an ultra-efficient extension of your team

  • Improve our content
  • Execute faster
  • Spend less and simplify

Results In Their Words


“We used to do 2 or 3 videos a month, with SparkPortal, we’ve done 10. 10 videos delivered, and another 10 planned for the following month.”


“It used to take weeks, months to turn around a project. Now we discuss deliverables in terms of days – we often have things finished the same week we start.”


“What we used to pay for one video, now we get 3 months of unlimited production for the same price.”